This website is generated using the exact method described bellow, see the source at

Jekyll is a static site generator used by github to produce git pages. It generates a host of plain text formats into .html files and supports multiple plugins. The static html output of this site is then easily served from apache or similiar webserver.

You will require some form or ruby and rubygems installed

Creating a jekyll project

$ mkdir /path/to/project;
$ cd /path/to/project;

Installing the gems

$ gem install bundler


gem 'jekyll' # the jekyll gem
gem 'jekyll-compass' # compass integration into jekyll
gem 'rouge' # a alternative markup for jekyll

# some other plugins..
gem 'jekyll-last-modified-at'
gem 'compass-blueprint'
$ bundle install


source: source
destination: site
excerpt_separator: ""
highlighter: rouge
markdown_ext: "markdown,mkdown,mkdn,mkd,md"
markdown: redcarpet
permalink: /blog/:title
paginate: 5
paginate_path: "/page/:num/"
- jekyll-compass
- rouge
- jekyll-last-modified-at

  - tables

Directory Layout

Name Location Description
Configuration ./_config.yml The configuration for jekyll
Gemfile ./Gemfile
Jekyll Source ./source
Compass Css ./source/_compass

Build Commands

# generate a new, empty skeleton jekyll project
bundle exec jekyll new .
# test your installation
bundle exec jekyll serve


You should now be able to host the contents of ./site on the root of your domain.